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Aquamin is a top source of biologically active calcium, magnesium and other 74 trace minerals. Aquamin is just the mineral supplement that should replace products with ordinary calcium carbonate. It packs feed insects perfectly and holds well on vegetables.

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Aquamin is a source of highly absorbable biologically active calcium and at the same time an important source of important minerals and trace elements. Aquamin comes from mineralized seaweed of the genus Lithothamnion Calcareum. This alga lives about 2 meters below the surface in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. During its life, it mineralizes, sinks to the bottom, dies and remains only a mineralized shell, which is then mined. This alga is rich in calcium, magnesium and other 74 trace minerals.

Aquamin has a special porous structure, similar to honeycombs, which is visible under an electron microscope. The source of calcium is not ordinary calcium carbonate, which is 100% calcite. Although the calcium carbonate in Aquamine is identical to ordinary calcium carbonate in chemical composition, it differs in structure. It is a so-called polymorphic calcium, in addition to calcite, it also contains forms of aragonite and vaterite, which contribute to the exceptional properties of the product.

Aquamin contains min 32% Ca, 2.2% Mg, P 0.06%, S 0.20%, Fe 0.05%, B 30ppm, F 200ppm, Na 0.13%, Co 2ppm, Cu 2ppm, Zn 3ppm, Se 1ppm, Mo 2ppm, I 4ppm.

Pure Aquamin should serve as a substitute for your source of ordinary calcium carbonate and is suitable for all species of reptiles and parrots. So it can be used as often as you are used to with other mineral products. Aquamin is a very fine powder and perfectly envelops fodder insects.

Aquamin can be used with every feeding. 

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